The right of might and the power of right

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The right of mighty: the faith in Allah

Faith is the most powerful force on the earth

What did the Prophet PBUH do in Mecca? He established the faith, which is the greatest word in the world, in the hearts of his companions. If you ask about the most powerful force on the earth, someone may say that it is the atomic or the nuclear bomb, because it exterminates millions of creatures in a few seconds out of burning and pressure, it lets leaves nothing unburnt, neither humans, animals, plants, nor any living organism. However, who is more powerful than it? It is the one who made it. In fact, the human mind, which is created by Allah, enabled human being to reach other planets (within our solar system), he reached the moon, and he sent a spaceship to Jupiter, which kept traveling in the space for six years at the highest speed made by man which is 60 thousand kilometers per hour, while on the ground, speed ranges between 40 and 70 miles per hour, and the speed of the fastest aircrafts in the world is 900 to 1000 km/h. Thus, the one who made that bomb by his genius intelligence is more powerful than it. Actually, the force which stimulates man and makes him sacrifice his soul, and everything he has, is the power of faith in Allah, because faith is the most powerful force on the earth.
Is there anything more precious than life? Of course not, nevertheless, the believer sacrifices his life for the Sake of Allah, which proves that the most powerful force on the earth is the power of faith.
Once, a Muslim leader said to his enemy: “My believing soldiers love death as much as your disbeliever soldiers love life.”
So, what did the Prophet PBUH do in Mecca? He established and deepened faith in the hearts of his companions, because faith has a great importance. The Prophet PBUH is that he considered faith as might, so He deepened and strengthened it in Mecca. Due to the companions’ weakness, Allah ordered them not to fight, Allah says in the Noble Quran:

(Have you not seen those who were told to hold back their hands (from fighting) and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat)

[An-Nisa 77]

Faith is to love Allah and to get closer to Him:

Dear brothers, Islam without love is like a corpse, a mere body without a soul, so when you void Islam from love, affection, and heart beat, it loses its value.
Allah says in the Noble Quran:

(The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when His Verses (this Qur’an) are recited unto them, they (i.e. the Verses) increase their Faith; and they put their trust in their Lord (Alone);)

[al-Anfal 2]

The Prophet PBUH said:

the Auliya’ of Allah (those who believe in the Oneness of Allah and fear Allah much) are those whom whenever are seen, people remember Allah (they always remind people of Allah


They always remind people of Allah by being close to Him. Thus, faith is a connection with Allah, a state of mind, a love in the heart, a sacrifice of the soul, and a discipline in the behavior.
Hence, the companions of the Prophet PBUH were at the highest degree of love.

What happens when faith is void of its meaning?

When the love between Muslims goes away and their concerns come down to building huge mosques, large libraries, luxurious conferences and striking appearances, then faith is voided of its meaning.
Once, I visited a mosque in Casablanca (Al-Dar Al-Baida in Morocco) which was built over the sea, costing a billion of dollars. Its minaret, which is the highest minaret in the world, is a University in every sense of the word.
So, when Muslims are only interested in lavishly decorated mosques, in conferences in five-star hotels, in great libraries, in prestige, and in scientific titles, while they do not love each other, and there is no connection with Allah, then faith loses its value.
Dear brothers, pay attention to this example:
There are too many activities in trade; buying a shop, buying an office for importation, buying a warehouse, hiring staff, auditor and management, advertising products, traveling, importing, displaying goods, touring, wining a dealership, selling, transferring, shipping, bargaining, arbitration meetings among the traders, disputes, price discount, and the problems which arise during the buying and selling, all these trade activities could be summarized in just one word; ” Profit”; i.e. If you do not win, you are not considered a successful merchant.
Likewise, there are many Islamic activities such as the establishment of mosques, the establishment of libraries, appointing the preachers, delivering sermons, transmitting sermons on the radio, holding conferences, writing books in the biography of the Prophet PBUH, in history, in the Arabic language, in Tajweed (the reciting science of the Noble Quran), in the Islamic laws (jurisprudence), in the principles of jurisprudence, in the comparative jurisprudence, in the history of Islamic jurisprudence, in rulings on inheritance, in public relations, in the Islamic Creed, in the Prophetic Hadith, in terminology of the Prophetic Hadith, public departments, and charities. All these activities could be pressed in just one word which is: “connecting to Allah”. Thus, if there is no connection with Allah, then all these appearances are worthless.

The right of might from western standpoint

In the West, the right means the might, and the might forms the right, therefore, they apply double standards or even thousand standards, because they have the right of might Which occurred when the great countries were granted what is called “the right of veto” , through which they can block any decision they do not like. While Allah has sent down no authority for such act, rather they made it for themselves, out of the right of might, because the powerful stats, according to their point of view, have the power to lay down condition, while the weak states have to obey them.
However, the right, according to the believers, is what was revealed from Allah, i.e. the Noble Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH. Yet, this right is in need of power (to be implemented).

The power of right

Actually, this strong right is in need of power to be implemented, so the power of right is in need of the right of might. When the Prophet PBUH moved to Al-Madinah, he entered into another phase, which is the stage of establishing an Islamic structure, and an Islamic state, and he PBUH fought three wars and some invasions against Quraish till he grabbed from them the recognition of the Islamic state in the reconciliation of Hudaibiyah.
Thus, in Mecca, Muslims were in the phase of strengthening their faith.
Allah says in the Noble Quran:

(And by the sun and its brightness; * And by the moon as it follows it (the sun))

[Ash-Shams, 1-2]

And Allah says in the Noble Quran:

(By the dawn;* By the ten nights (i.e. the first ten days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah).)

[Al Fajr, 1-2]

Also, Allah says:

(What are they asking (one another)? * About the great news, (i.e. Islamic Monotheism, the Quran, which Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)brought and the Day of Resurrection, etc.))

[An-Naba, 1-2]

While in Al-Madinah, they got a state, legislations, and power.

Combining the power of right and the right of might:

So, the Prophet PBUH established faith in Mecca, and built a strong civilian community in Al-Madinah, hence he possessed the power of right and the right of might. In fact, unless Muslims nowadays establish deep faith in their hearts, as the Prophet PBUH did in Mecca, and then support it by power, as he PBUH did in Al-Madinah, they will not be able to achieve their mission.
Actually, why did Qabeel (Cain) kill Habeel (Abel)? Cain possessed strength, so he was stronger than his brother, while Abel was on the right, but was weaker than his brother, therefore he was killed. So, what did Abel lack? Although Abel was on the right, and although he offered a sacrifice (for Allah) which was accepted by Him, obeyed Allah and married the sister of Cain, nevertheless he lacked the strength of Cain while Cain lacked the faith of Abel. Thus, Cain had the right of might while Abel had the power of right.
So, the Prophet PBUH combined the power of right in Mecca with the right of might in Al-Madinah, which means that it is not enough to have the power of right, because although he had this kind of power in Mecca, he could not do anything for his companions while they were tortured in front of him, while in Al-Madinah, he built the Muslim community, and possessed the right of might.
Similarly, you, as a believer, should not only have a pure soul and a kind heart, then surrender to your enemy and say out of weakness: there is no power and no strength except in Allah, what could we do? We can’t do anything, everything is happening according to the Divine Predestination, etc… and such nonsense words which sometimes believers say when they are weak, offer no opposition, accept pressure and humiliation. So, we should not say: we cannot do anything (against our enemies), we are weak, such and such happen (our weakness) according to Allah’s Will, what could we do? The companions of the Prophet PBUH were also weak, etc.. all these previous words are not accepted.
When the Prophet PBUH moved to Al-Madinah, he established strong structure, and possessed the right of might, which enabled him to fight the battle of Badr, Uhud, Al-Khandaq (the trench) and some invasions against Quraish until he PBUH grabbed the recognition of his Islamic state from that powerful, arrogant, oppressive, despotic, tyrant, and morally degraded tribe in which Riba (usury), wine , adultery, and disorder in sexual relationship were widespread and common.
Nowadays, unless the Islamic world follows the Prophet’s example in grabbing the right of might, we will not be able to apply Islam in our countries. Actually, there are many people in the world who are like Abel; who are oppressed believers, and there are many people who are like Cain; who are murderers, criminals and disbelievers, so the former lack the power of the latter, and the latter lack the faith of the former.

Where to start from?

Actually, dear brothers, we should start from the love (for the Sake of Allah), do you like your brother in faith? When the companions of the Prophet PBUH prayed Al-Isha (the night prayer) in the Prophet’s Mosque, and wanted to go to their homes, they used to hug and say farewell to each other, then after some hours, when they came to the mosque to perform Al-Fajr prayer (the dawn prayer) they used to embrace each other with the feeling of longing for one another. Also, when the companions used to walk together and when they run into a tree in their way they would separate towards the left and right, then on meeting each other after they pass the tree, one of them would greet the other with salaam. Likewise, love between Muslims should be, because the believers are nothing else than brothers (in Islamic religion).
The Prophet PBUH said in an Qudsi Hadith that Allah say:

My love is obliged to those who love each other for My Sake, who sit with each other for My Sake, who visit each other for My Sake, and who give to each other generously for My Sake, for them are pulpits of light, the Prophets and the martyrs will look at them with admiration

[Ahmad, At-Tabarani and Al-Hakem]

If you remain straight on the Way of Allah, adhere to Allah’s Path, repent to Allah and repair your relation with Him, you will be honored and revered. Thus Islam raises your fame and honors you, as it was said: If Allah is with you, who is strong enough to go against you! And if Allah is against you, who can be of any help to you!.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

Translation :Rana Saraqbi
Auditing :Noora Al Sharabi




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