Benefits of fasting

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The health benefits of Siyaam:

Siyaam (Fasting) has health benefits; it is an annual preventive cycle that keeps our bodies healthy. Besides, Siyaam is a curing cycle for some diseases. It is a preventive cycle against age-related diseases.
Dear brothers, aging diseases appear when man gets old, but their causes start when he is young. In one way or another, the main cause of these diseases is the excessive exhaustion of the physical organs body by food, drink,
enjoying one’s life, work, tiredness and making effort. Thus, Siyaam comes every year to rest the body and cure health problems.
In the month of Ramadan, the percentages of fat and uric acid in blood falls to the lowest level.
Moreover, the leftovers on the edges of the intestines are swept, because of hunger. Hence, Siyaam is an annual course of cleaning the digestive system.
The heart takes a break, the blood circulation rests and the percentage of fat and uric acid in the blood is reduced.
Actually, Siyaam is closer to the preventive medicine than it is to the therapeutic medicine. Once, I asked a doctor, people might suffer of malignant diseases, brain clot, heart infarction, renal failure, or liver cirrhosis. There are serious diseases that could lead to death. However, if a patient survived all these diseases, which disease could cause him death?” He replied, “Atherosclerosis!”
Man’s lifetime is related to the life cycle of his arteries, and Siyaam is a preventive course, because it retards atherosclerosis. Arteries rest during Ramadan,

Siyaam is a cure for some diseases and a preventive and inclusive course:

Dear noble brothers, Siyaam reduces the exhaustion of the circulatory system, and it relieves blood vessels and the heart by lowering the percentages of fat and uric acid in blood. Moreover, Siyaam relieves kidneys by reducing the metabolism wastes. Metabolism is a very complicated process,
Furthermore, Siyaam moves sugar in the liver, where it is stored.
In fact, man cannot stay alive without liver for more than three hours,
Some scientists said that Siyaam alters and cleans tissues. As if it is a yearly maintenance course for the body organs.
Siyaam is also a cure for some diseases, such as acute gastritis, serious vomiting during pregnancy,
In brief, Siyaam is a comprehensive preventive course during which fats are reduced, sugar is transported into the body organs, vessels relax, the heart rests, and the circulatory system takes a break.
These health benefits are only one aspect of the beneficial aspects of Siyaam.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds




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