The Creator

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Allah the Almighty says:

(The Creator of all things. So worship Him alone)

[Al-An'am, 6:102]

Dear brothers, let’s reflect on the Name of Allah ‘Al-Khalek (the Creator)

Why do we worship Allah, the Creator?

Only the Creator, and no one else beside Him, should be worshipped, but if man worships other than Allah, the Creator, then he has gone far astray, away from the Straight Path. When you worship the Creator alone, , you will be pleased, you will be saved from His Torment, you will succeed in your life, you will get a great reward (the Paradise) in the Hereafter, and you will enter Paradise and be pleased in it forever.

Only the manufacturer can give operating instructions:

According to common sense, only the manufacturer (of a device) can give the operating instructions. For example, imagine that you have bought a (delicate and expensive) machine, so who is the only and the worthiest one to give its operation instructions? Of course it is it’s maker. If you follow the instructions of other than the manufacturer, you will damage the machine, destroy it, reduce its production, and consequently you will lose it. Thus, you simply perceive with you mind that: no one should be worshipped, followed or obeyed except the Creator, because Allah says:

(Should not He Who has created know?)

[Al-Mulk, 67:14]

He is the All-Knowing, the All-Aware, and the Wise, He knows the human nature perfectly well (because it is He Who has created it), He thoroughly knows what is good and what is bad for it, what brings it happiness and what causes its misery, what raises its state (in the sights of Allah) and what lowers it, what relieves its worry and what frightens it. Verily, He is the All-Aware.

You search for expert in your daily affairs:

Buying a car:

The aware person care for the safety of any expensive device which he has, he only asks the specialists about it. For example, if you want to buy a beautiful car, out of fearing that the seller may betray you, you ask an expert about its power, its engine capacity, its general status, and its structural soundness. So, in your daily affairs, you seek for the expert and the acknowledgeable person.

Martial life:

In Islam, it is forbidden for men to make their wives leave their homes after divorce, and it is also forbidden for women to leave their houses without the permission of their husbands after revocable divorce, because Allah the All-Aware knows the nature of the human soul; both man and woman have an inherent tendency for each other, and after a while, they calm down and their anger fade. So when they leave each other, the problem aggravates because many people would intervene in their marital relationship, which may end it. Actually, if a wife stays in her house, the biggest problem can be minimized after two or three days, by the Leave of Allah. On the other hand, when she angrily leaves her house and goes out to her family’s house, the smallest problem can become significant, because many people would give their opinions, which would increase the problem. So, this law was introduced by the All-Aware, the Maker, the All-Knowing, and the Creator.
If you have knowledge, ethics, if you fear Allah, if you are pious, and you spend money on your wife, then you have qawama over her (you are the protector and maintainer). And if you want to succeed in repairing your damaged martial relationship, then go back to the Book of Allah (the Noble Qur’an) in which you will find goodness and success.
Thus, you consult the expert about everything in your life, about your health, about your very private relationship, about gaining your sustenance, and even about your old age.


What attracted my attention is what I heard from a doctor, who was treating a patient of cerebral vascular sclerosis, which slowed his motion down. He said that we should always speak to him/. I asked him about the reason for that. He said: whenever you ask him, he has to answer, which will re-energize his brain cells and will expand it. I said then: Glory to Allah! The Prophet PBUH had said the truth when he said: “Whoever learns the Noble Quran, will remain attentive-minded until he dies.”
In fact, the brain of the one who always performs Salah, recites the Noble Qur’an and worships Allah the Almighty is in permanent activity, he is always concerned about the time of prayers, about the number of rak’ahs in one Salah, and about reciting the Qur’an loudly in the first two rak’ahs and secretly in the others. For that reason, his mind remains in continuous activity. In addition to that, when he recites the Noble Qur’an, he tries to apply the Tajweed rules. Moreover, his mind keeps thinking about the meanings the words and the ayaat. Hence, reciting the Noble Qur’an keeps the mind in permanent activity, as the Prophet PBUH said: “Whoever learns the Noble Quran, will remain attentive-minded until he dies.” His mind will never be misled and his soul will never be miserable.

Only the Creator deserves to be worshipped and obeyed:

You have no right to follow a heedless man who is so far from Allah the Almighty. So be careful not to consult one who is far from the Noble Qur’an (who never applies the teachings of Islam) in your affairs.

The real truth vs the false truth:

Thus, the Only One in the universe Who deserves to be worshipped is Allah the Almighty. As I mentioned earlier, the one who worships someone other than ALLAH, would be extremely shocked, deeply frustrated, and terribly disappointed, because they do not convey the truth to him, or may convey a false truth to him, or may present a false idea to him which is not confirmed by reality.

Elements of peace of mind and happiness:

It is well known to everyone that man’s serenity and happiness lies in believing in what is soundly transmitted, what is accepted by the mind, what is confirmed by Fitrah (instinct), and what is supported by reality. Hence, the four elements of the truth are: reality, transmission (the Noble Qur’an and the Prophetic Ahadith), mind, and Fitrah (pure nature). So, when you base your life and your daily movement on sound transmission, rational mind, accurate reality and sound Fitrah, and when you have all these elements together, you are in the same side of the truth, and the one who is with the truth will never be frustrated, his deeds will not be fruitless, he will not lose hope, and will not be surprised at unexpected events.

The three origins of the Best Names of Allah:

The word “Allah” is a proper noun which indicates the ‘Divine Entity’. It means that Allah the Almighty is the Existing, is the One and is the Perfect Entity. In addition, the Best Names of Allah could be included under three origins: Allah is Existing (with no place or direction), Allah is One, and Allah is Perfect…So, Allah is definitely Existing, He is One in His Entity, Attributes, and Actions, and he is Perfect because all His Names are Beautiful, and all His Attributes are Virtous. That is why a knowledgeable men called loudly: “O my Lord! There is no distress because You Are The Lord”. So, Allah is definitely Existing and He is the One, there is no one to be worshipped except Him.

The greatest problem is to be divided between two sides:

Actually, the most difficult situation in life is to be obliged to obey the (contradictory) orders of two sides, like the one who has two directors, and each one gives him different orders.

Example of receiving orders from many sources:

A friend of mine told me about a laboratory which was owned by three partners, who were brothers as well, the workers were completely exhausted. Each one of the brothers gave an order which must be implemented, and the orders sometimes contradicted each other. Workers didn’t have time to implement all the orders, which ended in complete chaos.

Why are some people miserable?

That is because they have to satisfy many sides; wife, mother, manager, and strong people, while the believer has to please only one side, which is Allah the Powerful, Who dominates all other sides.
The Prophet PBUM said:

Work for one side, and it will be sufficient for you instead of other sides.

The doctors say that most diseases have psychological causes, as it is well known to people. It is well known that the gastric ulcer, most of heart diseases, and most of nervous system diseases have psychological causes, and psychological illness is the result of problems people get through. Latest researches have shown that most of the organic diseases have psychological reasons. It is a big mistake to separate between the organic and the psychological diseases. Once, one of my friends told me that he went to a western country to have a cardiac surgery, he said: a well-qualified nurse entered my room, she tidied the flowers, and asked me while doing that about the my illness, and about the name of the heart surgeon who would do the operation. When I told her about his name, she was absolutely delighted and said that he had performed 10 thousands successful similar surgeries without failure. I felt relief that the the most skilled surgeon would perform the operation, but I was surprised when I paid the bill of the hospital. It included a large sum for raising the morale of the patient by the nurse, who was not a nurse but a psychologist, and her job was to raise the morale of the patients, and give them confidence to help recovery. I said: Glory to Allah! How great is the human soul! I am assured that heart or arteries diseases, vascular blood pressure, and nervous blood pressure, have psychological reasons. Therefore, most doctors advise their patients to go for a walk or to keep away from their country and their problems. If the patient is a trader, for example, who faces the problems of confiscated goods, and reduced prices, the doctor instructs him to have a rest which will enhance the peace of mind. So blood pressure, heart, nerves, and stomach diseases are all related to human psychology, and there is an exact correlation between the soul and the body according to the latest researches.

The reason behind believer’s happiness:

The believer is happy because his relationship is with one side (Allah). He doean’t need an oath, a receipt, nor a witness, because Allah the Almighty is acquainted with everything about you. He knows what you show and what you hide, your intentions and your ambition. Actually, the whole matter could be summarized in the following exact phrase: Belief is health and well-being, and the believer enjoys good heath because he is monotheist.

Who deserves to be worshipped:

The Only One Who is worthy of worship, obedience, love, fidelity, the Only One who deserves to work for His Sake, and to sacrifice your youth, life, and money for Him is the Divine Entity. This can also be summarized in one phrase: An honest sacrifice which is heavily rewarded.
On the other hand, the one who sends his life on worldly affairs, when he gets old, and becomes about to go to an unknown life (the Hereafter), which he has not prepared anything for, then he feels the great loss. Allah the Almighty says in His Noble Qur’an:

(O mankind! Worship your Lord (Allah), Who created you)

[Al-Baqarah, 2:21]

Thus, the Only One Who deserves our obedience, worship, sincerity and love is Allah the Almighty. I think that there are no two people who love each other for the Sake of Allah like our Prophet PBUH and Abu-Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, nevertheless, the Prophet PBUH said:

If I were to take a Khalil from people, I would have taken Abu Bakr, but he is my brother and my friend in Islam.

Your heart should be related to Allah Alone.
I will tell you the secret of happiness: it is to apply the orders of Allah Alone, and to please Him, so that your whole soul would worship Allah, the Great Creator.
The Creator is Allah, who has the Best Names and Divine Attributes, Whom everything need in everything. Notice that the word (worship)comes mostly after the Name of Allah (the Creator).
When there is drought, I ask people around me: is there any assembly in the whole world that can meet and take a decision to send down the rain? Of course not, we can do nothing but to invoke Allah the Almighty to bestow His Mercy upon us, thus He is Allah the Creator.

Allah is the Creator and the Master Creator:

The formula of “Al-Khallaq” (the Master Creator) is an exaggeration name which means the Oft-Creator and the Master Creator.


One of the galaxies is sixteen billion kilometers away from the earth, and the heart of Scorpion, has a space that can include the Earth and the sun with the distance between them.


In fact, seas cover four-fifths of the earth, and some of which are ten thousand meters deep, what a scary thing! It is just like when you go up to the Himalaya Mountains, for example, which take your breath.


Think of the creation of some animals, like the blue whale, for example, its weight is one hundred and fifty tons, you can extract ninety barrels of fish oil from its liver, fifty tons of meat, and fifty tons of fat from only one wheal. Its intestines wheighs about fifty tons, is there a creator other than Allah?


The abundance of the Amazon for example, is three hundred thousand cubic meters per second, its watercourse goes into the sea for more than eighty-five kilometers without being mixed with the ocean water.


The clouds block is over burdened with thousands of tons. However, it passes quietly and bring glad tidings to mankind.

This is the creation of Allah. So show Me that which those (whom you worship), besides Him have created.

A simple water engine fills the place with noise, which may spoil your picnic, if you are on a farm and you operate this engine to have some water, it spoils the tranquility of the farm and the beauty of the nature.

So blessed be Allah, the Best of creators:

This ayah has many meanings, some of which are :

Allah’s creation and people’s manufacture:

Man sometimes manufactures something which is simple in the beginning, but the more his knowledge increases and the more he expands his experience, the more perfect his work become.

Cars industry:

Look at a vehicle which was manufactured in 1900 and another one which was manufactured in 1990, there is a big difference. The former had two lanterns in front of it, a tank of oil and a lamp; you need open the glass and ignite the lantern with matches, in order to see your way in the night. In addition to that, there is no air in the wheels (completely poured), you operate its engine from outside, it made a single speed, and it had a horn. That is the manufacture of 19oo, and you can see it in museums. Now, compare it with a vehicle made in 1990, and you will fully understand how the industry has advanced, has become more perfect. So man’s experience is acquired.

The creation of man:

Reflect on the creation of man, is there a modified human? Of course not, there is only one kind without any modification, because the Knowledge of Allah and His experience are timeless. For example, when a father carries his baby, his hand doesn’t get broken, because Allah’s creation is perfect, and ligaments are completely attached to the whole body.
Allah the Almighty says:

(So blessed be Allah the Best of creators)

[Al-Muminun, 23:14]

Thus, If you want to draw a comparison between what is man-made and the creation of Allah the One and the Judge, you will notice a big difference.

The dentist:

The most skilled dentist must give the child an anesthetization injection if he wants to pluck his tooth while the child keeps crying, and his father tries to calm him down, but how is the tooth pluck up alone according to Allah’s Will? It falls down while the child is eating his food by the Mercy of Allah, because its root has melted slowly by the time and its nerve is cut

(blessed be Allah the Best of creators)

The eye and the camera:

Make a comparison, which will make you see things in its real size, the camera’s film needs developing, while you see objects by your eyes without this process. You see the objects’ natural color, size and movements, thus you see colored moving pictures! Moreover, if you see with your bare eye many people in front of you, each one will have his own color, while in a film, they will all appear in almost the same color. Furthermore, the bare eye differentiates between two to eight hundred thousand degrees of one color, so if we have eight hundred thousand degrees of the green color, for example, the sound eye can distinguish between each two degrees.

(blessed be Allah the Best of creators)

If you compare between the camera and the human eye, you find a huge difference between them. As for the distance, speed and aperture, your eye spontaneously and automatically measures the distance between it and the object, and the ciliary muscles pressure on the cavity body which causes the lens to become more spherical, adapting to short range focus to produce a focused image on the retina during accommodation, which is one of the most complex processes in the eye. So, whenever one looks at something which is not more than sixty meters away from him, his eyes need accommodation; through which the lens become more spherical or become flatten to insure that the focused image is on the retina. So these ciliary muscles require a great field of study, and I think that the process of accommodation is the most complex processes in the human body,

(blessed be Allah the Best of creators)

All our affairs are under Allah’s control:

For example, when a factory sells an aircraft to a state, the way that state uses the aircraft is not its business, the state may use it to bomb a city, or a village. The factory only sells it and then it has nothing to do with it, but Allah the Almighty has Power over everything He has created.
Allah the Almighty says in the Noble Quran:

(Surely, His is the Creation and Commandment)

[Al-Ar'af, 7:54]

What reassures Man is that all his affair is under Allah’s Control Who has created him. Be reassured because everything around you is under the Control of Allah the Almighty.

Interpretation of some Quranic ayaat:

In fact, the Noble Qur’an is the most valuable book in life, it is our curriculum, so whenever you read a word about creation in the Noble Qur’an, pay attention to the relation of this word with what comes before and after it.

The Creator:

Allah the Almighty says in the Noble Quran:

(He is Allah, the Creator.)

[Al-Hashr, 59:24]

The Creator of the universe is Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the Owner of the Most Beautiful Names and Divine Attributes, the Creator of everything. This means that there is no other creator than Him, So He is the Creator of everything, and He deserves to be worshipped. This is the positive (confirmation) sense, while the negative (negation) sense is “Is there any creator other than Allah?”

The All-Knowing Supreme Creator:

Allah the Almighty says in the Noble Quran:

(He is the All-Knowing Supreme Creator)

[Ya-Sin, 36:81]

Which means, He has created mountains and galaxies..etc In terms of quantity, He has created a large number of creatures, and as for quality, He has created great objects (like galaxies, mountains..)and that is the meaning of ‘the Master Creator’

The Best of creators:

Allah the Almighty says in the Noble Quran:

(So blessed be Allah the Best of creators)

[AL-Muminun, 23:14]

The meaning is: compare between what is man-made and what is created by Allah, the One, and the Judge,(then you will find an enormous difference).

The Creator, the Inventor, the Bestower of forms:

Let’s start with the interpretation of the word ‘creation’: the meaning of creation in language is origination, creativity and production from nothingness into existence.
To make it clear, the meaning of Creator, for Allah is the highest description, is like the engineer who designed a building on the paper according to his experience, he drew the map of foundations, the stories, the concrete pillars, and the balconies, all of which is still on paper. So, creation is predetermination. Allah the Almighty says:

(The Creator, the Inventor of all things, the Bestower of forms.)

[Al-Hashr, 59:24]

As for the Inventor, it is to cause something to exist from nothingness, by only one word: Be, and it is. It is like, for Allah is the highest description, the contractor who dug the foundations, poured concrete, built the first floor, put cement over the iron during the construction. Thus, creation is predetermination, while the Inventor is the One Who causes things to exist from nothingness.
But the structure of the construction looks awful, therefore there must be another work in order to give this building acceptable form, which is the job of the clay, tiles and ceramic workers, then the electricity worker put light in balconies, in walls…So that the building becomes beautiful from its inside and its outside. Thus, first of all, we draw the design of a building on paper according to a great experience, we build the building, and then we give it beautiful appearance. Actually, this is what was mention in the book “Al- Ihyaa” about the interpretation of the ayah:
As for the Inventor, it is to cause something to exist from nothingness, by only one word: Be, and it is. It is like, for Allah is the highest description, the contractor who dug the foundations, poured concrete, built the first floor, put cement over the iron during the construction. Thus, creation is predetermination, while the Inventor is the One Who causes things to exist from nothingness.
But the structure of the construction looks awful, therefore there must be another work in order to give this building acceptable form, which is the job of the clay, tiles and ceramic workers, then the electricity worker put light in balconies, in walls…So that the building becomes beautiful from its inside and its outside. Thus, first of all, we draw the design of a building on paper according to a great experience, we build the building, and then we give it beautiful appearance. Actually, this is what was mention in the book “Al- Ihyaa” about the interpretation of the ayah: “The Creator, the Inventor of all things, the Bestower of forms” so the Bestower of form has granted us our nice external appearance. Look at an Anatomy atlas, you will see a frightening picture of a human being full of muscles, dozens of muscles cover his face, or a human being full of nerves, or vessels. Look at a picture of the skeleton, then compare it to a man after his body is covered with a beautiful skin, which if removed, human being will be scary. So, Allah the Almighty has granted us this beautiful appearance. This is the interpretation of the following ayah: “The Creator, the Inventor of all things, the Bestower of forms”
We will discuss this subject again, If Allah wills, because it is related to the Creator, the Inventor of things and the Bestower of forms. In brief: creation is predestinate, the inventor is the One Who originates objects from nothingness, and the Bestower of forms is the One Who grants a beautiful appearance to each creature. So, human being was created according to Allah’s Knowledge, the heart, bones…etc were created with Allah’s knowledge, then there is bringing into being, then Allah grants this creature a nice appearance, exactly like in the construction process.

Difference between “Khalaqa” and “fatara”:

I will explain to you the difference between the verb “Khalaqa”(created) and the verb “fatara” (originated) (which is derived from the noun ‘Fitrah’ (the innate disposition). Allah the Almighty says:

(All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the (only) Originator of the heavens and the earth)

[Fatir, 35:1]

Think about the nature of a little girl, how does she play? Apart from her structure, tissues, and the line of her body, she has a special structure and trends, let me call it the psychological structure, she tends, by instinct, to raise children, she puts a pillow on her hand lovingly and strokes it as if it were a baby, while the little boy rides a rod as if it were a horse! So, why does the little boy choose the horse game? And why does the little girl choose the baby game? It is because of the psychological structures, the Fitrah (innate nature).
It was narrated in transmission:
“O David, remind My Servants with My Graces, because souls are innately love those who do favor to them and hate those who do badly to them”
This is the psychological structure, which has special characteristics. For example, the sheep has physical characteristics of its muscles, skin, and wool, which are its physical structure. And it has psychological characteristics as it is obedient, and docile, you can take it wherever you want. Furthermore, sheep like to be in flocks, a shepherd may easily lead a flock of sheep, while it is impossible for him to lead a group of fifty dogs. This difference goes back to the psychological structures. It is said that the camel is venomous, while the horse is faithful. SO, psychological characteristics of any creature are acquired by instinct, while the properties of his body are related to his creation. I will repeat it again: what is about the body, its organs, and its functions is related to the creation, and what is about its psychology characteristics is related to Fitrah (innate disposition), the fox is cunning, the camel is venomous, and so on. Each animal has its own characteristics. There are also domestic animals, wild animals, ravenous animals, and humble ones.
In summary, ” All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the (only) Originator of the heavens and the earth ” This presents the fact that Allah the Almighty has granted each creature its own psychological characteristics in dealing with others, while the creation highlights the physical characteristics that Allah has granted to each creature. Also, creation is predestination, invention is originating from nothingness, and bestowing form is granting the outer appearance according to Allah the Almighty’s Will.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

Translation : Rana Saraqbi
Auditing : Maha Sulieman




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