The prophetic manners in eating and drinking

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

He shared food with his companions:

Zaid Bin Thabet said: when the prophet PBUH stayed in Abu Ayyoub’s house (when he reached Madinah after his hijrah from Makkah until his mosque was completed) – pay attention – The prophet used to send to Abu Ayyoub a big share of every present (food) given to Him while staying in his house. Once, Abu Ayyoub put a bowl of bread mixed with butter and milk in front of the prophet PBUH saying: “My mother has sent this”, to which the prophet PBUH said: “Allah bless her”, and He called for his companions to eat with him, and when they finished, another covered hot bowl was sent from Sa’ed Bin Obadah with one of his boys. Abu Ayyoub checked the bowl by opening its cover and he took it to the Prophet PBUH. Zaid continued narrating: “we were in Malek Bin Najjar kindred, and every night, three or four of us were lined up in front of the Prophets door with food, taking turns in doing so, till the prophet moved from Abu Ayyoub’s house, after staying in it for seven months, and he never missed the food which was sent by Sa’ed Bin Obadah or As’ad Bin Zarara.”
Did the Prophet PBUH take any special food for Himself? He shared his companions every kind of food sent to him, and if the amount was little, he used to eat a little of it, and send the rest to Abu Ayyoub. That is how leaders should be?

He never criticized food nor ordered for a special kind of food:

Um Ayyoub was asked about the favorite food to the Prophet PBUH because he stayed in her house and she would know what kinds of food he liked. They asked her: “What did he use to eat? What kind of food did he like?” She answered: “He neither ordered for a special kind of food, nor did he criticize any food presented to Him”, and such were his manners.
The prophet PBUH never criticized any food nor did he praise it.

What would he do out of courtesy when he didn’t like food:

Jaber Bin Sumra narrated that the prophet PBUH used to send most of the food presented to him to Abu Ayyoub. Once a bowl of food with garlic was sent to hem, so he pushed it all to Abu Ayyoub, then Abu Ayub wondered: “Is it Haram (impermissible) O, Prophet?” The prophet PBUH said: “No, but I hate its smell”, and Abu Ayyoub said: “And I hate what you hate O, Prophet”. Out of being considerable towards his companions, he never ate any kind of food that has garlic in it, in order not to hurt them with its smell.
What kind of courtesy is this? What high manners are these?
Abu Ayyoub, may Allah be pleased with him, said: “We used to prepare dinner, then send it to the prophet. If he returned what was left, Umm Ayyoub and myself looked for the traces of his hands on the food, seeking blessing. One night, we sent him dinner with onion and garlic, which was returned with no trace of the noble prophets’ hands. Alarmed, I asked him: “O Messenger of Allah, you have returned your dinner untouched. Um Ayyoub and myself used to look for the traces of your hands seeking blessing.” The prophet PBUH answered: “I have found in it the smell of this plant, and I am a man who approaches his Lord, but you may eat it.” Abu Ayyoub continued: “So we ate it. We never served him food with that plant from then on.”

Helping in preparing food:

Once the prophet and his companions were travelling, and they wanted to cook a goat to eat it. One of them said: I will slaughter it, the second said: I will skin it, the third said: I will cook it, the prophet (PBUH) said:

I will gather the firewood

his companions replied: let us do it for you O Allah’s Messenger.
The prophet (PBUH) said:

I know that you can do it for me, but Allah hates to see his servant being distinguished from his fellows.

Gathering over food and drink:

The prophet PBUH was never seen eating alone, there were always five to six men eating with him.
Dear brothers, these are the Prophet’s manners, as he was not distinguished among his companions wherever a stranger stepped in his assembly, and usually that stranger would ask: “Who is Mohammad? That is because he was humble.

Seeking drinkable water:

In respect of the prophet’s drinking, he used to seek drinkable water when he was staying with Abu Ayyoub, as he used to ask for water from the well of Malek Bin Nuzar (Anas’s father), and Anas, Hind, and Al Haretha, who are Asmaa’s kids, used to bring water to the prophet’s wives from watering houses (special places where drinkable water was kept). This indicates that seeking drinkable water is Sunnah, and that the prophet had a classy taste.

Drinking in three gushes and praising Allah thereafter:

Anas Bin Malek narrated that he saw the Prophet PBUH drinking water. He stopped and took a breath, then he drank again and stopped, then he mentioned Allah and drank again till he finished, and he praised Allah. He used to take three breaths while drinking.
Abu Ayyoub Al Ansari, May Allah be pleased with him said: the Prophet PBUH used to say when he eats or drinks:

praise be to Allah who fed us, provided us with water, made it drinkable, and enabled us to cast it out

He was the last one to drink:

When the prophet proportioned water among his companions, he used to be the last one to drink.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

Translation :Noora Al Sharabi
Auditing : Maha Sulieman




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