The religion is in all aspects of life

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The religion in all aspects of life:

We – Muslims- have a problem that most of us imagine that Islam is limited in performing prayers, fasting, giving alms (Zakat) and performing pilgrimage, so we only stick to performance of the previous duties, yet we are totally remote from Islam. We should believe that Islam isn’t just limited to these duties, it has 500 thousand items from the intimate relation (between a husband and his wife) , gaining money, dealing with others, your loyalty to Muslims and Islam , your treatment to others …to the international relations.
You may own a factory of infant food, if you purchase expired ingredients in a lower price and use them in your factory to produce infant foods, and gain legendary profits; do you think that you’ll not hold responsibility before Allah! No way. So religion is not just restricted to mosques, you go to mosque to learn Allah’s directions for your life.
To illustrate this thing: a doctor may ask a patient to have 8 kinds of blood analysis, yet the patient needs only one, and the doctor shares half the profit with the blood lab. Do you think that he’ll get away with this sin without holding responsibility before Allah? A lawyer may convince a client that his case is very easy, and that you can delay claims for 8 yrs. at the end of the case the judge aligned to his opponent, what would you do to him, well you may tell him: you didn’t pay much. Do you think that he’ll get away with this sin without holding responsibility before Allah?
A teacher may put a test beyond students’ abilities, consequently they fail, so he suggests to give them private lessons. Do you think that he’ll get away with this sin without holding responsibility before Allah? A patient may visit a doctor at a public hospital, where the medicine is free of charge, but the doctor told him: you need another kind of medicine, you must come to my clinic, although the patient is very poor.
A doctor may smuggle a medicine to an adjacent country to cost 300 lira where its real cost is 13 lira , then he’ll get away with this sin without holding responsibility before Allah? So the religion exists at the clinic, the school, the grocery, in planting; for instants a peasant can use a cancer causing hormone in order to get fast growth and nice color for the crops, would he get away with this sin without holding responsibility before Allah? A hepatitis patient; who is restaurant worker, could cause death or disease transferring to the customers if he were not careful with hygienic standards, would he get away with this sin without holding responsibility before Allah? So there’re plenty of examples to illustrate this article.

Life can only be organized by belief:

Life can only be organized by belief, and our countless problems are due to our weak feeling of Allah’s monitoring for us.
To sum up, religion does exist in your daily life entirely, your job, house, your children raising, your truthfulness in dealing… when you follow the straight path, which the prophet-PBUH- summarized by one word:

(( Purify your food.))

[Narrated by Attabarani: reported Ibn Abbas]

Do you put much ghee or meat in your food, of course no. so stick to permitted gained earnings –according to Islamic Law- and because you stick to straightforward dealing , thus the good earnings when is used to buy food, it’ll be good.
To illustrate this fact, I visited a friend’s father several years ago; he is dead now, he was 96 years old, he literally told me: I made a complete lab analysis of blood and urine, they were all in the average natural level – in the age of 96!- He continued: I have never eaten a forbidden penny during my whole life time, nor dealt with any prohibited thing.
So, you should strict to the straight path, deal honestly with others and be sure that Allah will never let you down, He’ll bless your earning and you’ll be satisfied.

Allah’s method is in harmony with reasoning:

Haram drives you away from Allah, whereas Halal brings you closer to Him.
Hence, after you believe in Allah, you should pursue Halal and stay away from Haram.
You know Allah through reflecting on the universe, whereas you worship Him through abiding by the Islamic law.
This is why Allah said in the noble Quran:

(come not near to Al-Fawahish (shameful sins, illegal sexual intercourse) whether committed openly or secretly; and kill not any one whom Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause ( according to Islamic Law). This He has commanded you that you may understand)

One might ask why Allah- the Al-Mighty – hasn’t said “these” instead of “this”, as there is more than one direction was mentioned in this verse, because Allah’s curriculum is one.
And the word

(that you may understand)

means using your mind, and Allah’s curriculum is 100 identical with human intellect. The curriculum is Allah’s revelation and we were bestowed the mind as a scale, the identification between mind and transmitted revelation is definite.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

Prepared by: Noora Al Sharabi




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