The characteristics of the human nature

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The first characteristic to come up if we were to talk about soul’s characteristics dear brothers:

1- Every soul shall have a taste of death:

The first fact about soul’s characteristic is: every soul shall have a taste of death.

2- All mankind come from one soul:

The second characteristic of the soul is that Allah created mankind from one soul which means they all have similar
characteristics, so a human is a human anytime and anywhere:

O, David, remind my servants of my favors, for souls are molded to love those who favor them

[Mentioned in Islamic heritage]

Therefore, all people share the same characteristics for example: any human likes beauty, perfection, and gaining, and these characteristics are constant whether the person was Muslim or a non Muslim, or may be an atheist, secularist, remote from Allah, or close.
So the human soul likes perfection regardless if the person was incomplete, a criminal, or a thief who sometimes says to his partners: let’s have fair shares (when dividing the robbery) and this is because he has human nature but he went against it by steeling.
Dear brothers, the characteristics are the same in any soul it likes perfection, it is one thing to like perfection and to be perfect is something else, to love mercy is one thing but to be merciful Is another, human nature means that you like perfection, justice, fairness, bounty, generosity, and satisfaction.

3- Truly man was created very impatient;

One of human characteristics is “Truly man was created very impatient;” what is the meaning of impatient? It was explained in Quran in this Ayah:

(Truly man was created very impatient; Fretful when evil touches him;)

[Surat Al Maarej, ayahs 19-20]

A doctor informed one of his patients that he has cancer, the tumour is spreading and all he has left is 4 months to live so he asked him to manage his time, write his will and organize his matters but the patient died the next day (because of his fear ) Allah said:

(Fretful when evil touches him;)

[Surat Al Maarej, ayahs 19-20]

He fears for his life, for sustenance, and for the people who count on him, Allah said:

(Truly man was created very impatient;)

[Surat Al Maarej, ayahs 19-20]

If man isn’t fretful he won’t repent to Allah, so if supposedly he is fearless and is told that he has a cancerous tumor he will have no problem and will never repent to Allah, as for that man who is fretful he will repent when he faces any problem, may Allah cure all of you.
One of the supplications that touched me is: “we seek refuge in Allah from terminal illness and from enemies who glee at our misfortune and from withholding after bestowing”
Be generous to an honorable man who was humiliated, and to a rich man who was impoverished, and to a knowledgeable man in the presence of ignorant ones.
For that reason man was created to be fretful and this shouldn’t be considered as a point of weakness in his creation, but to be used in his benefit.
The meaning of “Fretful when evil touches him” is that he worries sick and can’t sleep, whereas the meaning of “And niggardly when good reaches him” is that when he is indulged in wealth he becomes stingy, and for that reason man sublimes by giving sadaqa (a charitable deed) because money is likable to him, Allah said:

(Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things they covet: women and sons; heaped-up hoards of gold and silver; horses branded (for blood and excellence); and (wealth of) cattle and well-tilled land)

[Surat Al Omran, ayah 14]

Because money is likable to man he will not sublime unless he spends it on the poor and needy.
Will you feel any loftiness when you spend from what you don’t like?
If you have an old dress that you don’t wear and it burdens you as there is no place in the house for it, so you hand it out, will you sublime by this Sadaqa?

4- Man was created weak:

Allah says:

(And man was created weak)

[Surat Al Nisaa, ayah 28]

Man was created weak so he will enjoy being in need of Allah but if he was created strong he will be miserable because he is sufficed by his strength.
Therefore man sometimes sees that he is not in need of Allah when he owns power or money and the Ayah is very clear:

(Nay, but man doth transgress all bounds, In that he looketh upon himself as self-sufficient)

[Surat Al 'Alaq, ayahs 6-7]

Man becomes self-sufficient and tries to do without Allah, and for that the believer’s smartness is that he is always in need of Allah the Almighty.
Therefore, amongst a soul’s characteristics is that it tastes death yet it doesn’t die, and that all human beings were created of one soul and of similar attributes in addition to what is mentioned in this Ayah:

(Truly man was created very impatient; Fretful when evil touches him; And niggardly when good reaches him; Not so those devoted to Prayer)

[Surat Al Maarej, ayahs 19-20-21]

5- Man’s characteristics are neutral

Dear brothers, we have to notice attentively that all man’s characteristics are neutral in the aspect that either he sublimes to the highest rank by them or he falls and hits rock bottom.
For example man likes to copy people so if he imitated a believer he sublimes but if he copied a rakish he’ll be doomed so copying is neutral.
By the way, because man owns his free will, then all his characteristics are neutral specially imitation of others, as a child copies his father if he is praying or he might copy his father who is Fasiqe (debauched) so copying is neutral.
Basically, what marks the believers is that their kids are most likely believers as well, while what marks Kuffar (disbeliever) and Fasiqeen is what Allah said:

(And they will breed none but wicked ungrateful ones)

[Surat Nooh, ayah 27]

Therefore the child imitates what he sees, because copying is one of human’s characteristics that could be used in good or bad so if you become a friend of a believer then you wish to be like him, but if you come a friend of Kuffar and Faseqeen then you wish to be like them, and for that Allah said:

(O ye who believe! Fear Allah and be with those who are true (in word and deed))

[Surat Al Tauba, ayah 119]

So live in an environment that is full of faith, live with a believer, become a friend of a believer or someone whose state helps you sublime and whose words lead you to Allah.
All man’s attributes and characteristics are neutral and can be steps for you to sublime or rungs to fall down.

6- Copying:

Copying is one of a believer’s characteristics, Allah said:

(Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day)

[Surat Al Ahzab, ayah 21]

The unbeliever imitates people of debauchery, corruption, dissipation, and disobedience.
It was narrated by Bukhari that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said:

Envy is permitted only in two cases: A man whom Allah gives wealth, and he disposes of it rightfully, and a man to whom Allah gives knowledge which he applies and teaches itِ

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

That is the copying, and if you copy a believer in his good attribute, piousness, righteousness, spending on the poor, and his acts of worship, you will sublime in the sight of Allah, whereas if you copy a debauchee you fall in the sight of Allah, and remember that all the acts of those celebrities, movie stars, leaders, hospital managers, principals, and teachers are subject of copying by others and if the teacher for example smokes in front of his students, he is, by this act, alluring them to smoke too and he should be punished twice, once for smoking and another for being copied by those who see a role model in him.
Dear brothers, being jealous is to wish for what is in other’s hands and this is considered as a characteristic, yet it is neutral.
If you met a believer and you saw his decency, his love of Allah, his glowing face, his piousness, his knowledge, his righteousness and his good deeds then you wish to be like him, in this case it is not considered jealousy in the negative aspect and this kind of jealousy is approved in two cases, the first is in the case of a man who spends his money on the poor, day and night, and the second is a man who teaches others day and night and that falls within the same characteristic of copying as in a case of another person who is debaucher spending his days and nights in nightclubs, hotels, and with girls; therefore the characteristic of copying in these two cases is neutral yet you are the one who will use it in bad or good.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

Prepared by: Noora Al Sharabi




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