Following Sunna in Ramadan

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Staying healthy by following sunna in Ramadan:

Dear brothers, before explaining the prophet’s (peace be upon him), if a man was so hungry, when does he feel satiated? There are two descriptions of satiety; the first one is when the stomach is full, so when the stomach is full we feel satiated,
There is a higher level; when the center of satiety in the cerebellum is alerted you feel satiated,
Now there are medicines for weight loss, they influence this center. The prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to eat three dates, and he is the master of mankind and the beloved one to Allah. It has been discovered that the sugar in dates is the fastest, as it moves from the mouth to blood to the center of satiety in ten minutes,
The prophet (Peace be upon him) used to eat three dates, and perform maghrib prayer in ten minutes. Performing three rak’aas and two rak’aas of sunna takes nearly ten minutes. Now if you start eating, believe me, you will eat moderately. I don’t exaggerate, you will not eat too much,
When man is so hungry, he eats too much. The solution is to eat three dates, to drink some water, perform the prayer, then you sit to eat while you are moderately hungry. In this case you can eat moderately, and you can eat an amount that helps you to perform the taraweeh prayer twenty rakaas.
If you eat light food you feel active for the prayer. This is the prophet’s advice.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds




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