How to Achieve Success in Ramadan

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Success is not to win over your own self in Ramadan, and to be defeated by it thoughout the whole year. True success is maintain your victory over yourself all the time.
Though it is easy to control yourself during these 30 days of Ramadan, but the big winner is the one who controls himself all the time.
Moreover, success is not to control our tongue in Ramadan, abstaining it from backbiting, gossip and slander, and set it free after Ramadan to tell lies and gossip about other people. Actually, true success is to keep our tongue clean and our heart steadfast as long as we are alive.
Furthermore, success is not to lower our gaze from looking at the forbidden things, or to refrain from satisfying the forbidden lusts in Ramadan and return after Ramadan to what we used to do before it.
In this case, we would be like the one who undoes the thread that she has spun after it has become strong.
Actually, success is to prevent our limbs from committing sins in Ramadan and after it, so that they stay controlled from committing sins till we meet with Allah Al-Wahid, Ad-Dayyan (Allah the One and the Judge).

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds




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