Trachoma and its relation with wudu’

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Dear brothers, I like the believer who uses his knowledge to serve the truth. I heard yesterday from a brother specialized in science something that I found worth to tell. It is related to an eye disease called Trachoma. It is an infection that infects the conjunctiva and retina of the eye.
It has different stages whereby it develops, beginning with slight agitation and itching and ending in blindness. However, this is not our concern, for it is a purely medical issue the facts of which have to be sought in books of medical science. What concerns us is that a female specialist wrote an article in a scientific magazine issued by the media office of the UN. Please listen and pay attention to what she said: Regular washing as well as wudu’ (ritual ablution), that Muslims do, have helped a lot in confinement of this disease,
Trachoma, which is considered the main cause of blindness in the countries of the third world.
She added that the disease had almost disappeared in Muslim communities that perform wudu’s five times a day. The rate of infection with this disease is zero.

By applying Allah’s orders we gain unlimited benefits:

Dear brothers, we should believe that orders and prohibitions in Islam come from the Creator of human being, so it is naïve to think that a Divine Command has only one or two benefits.
The benefits are unlimited. The mentioned foreign writer has nothing to do with the religion of Islam, but through her research, studies, investigations, and calculations, she found out that the rate of infection with this disease, from which more than 500 million people suffer all over the world, is very low in Muslim communities, which are committed to cultic purity and cleanliness.
We perform wudu’ before salah. She said that the regular washing for salah in the Muslim communities had helped a lot in preventing this disease.
This is Allah’s religion. Thus, some scholars said: “The relationship between religious commitment and its consequences is a scientific one, and so is the relationship between religious non-commitment and its consequences.”

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds




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