Peace be upon you

Welcome to our website that addresses the basics of Islam and belief in Allah and His messenger. It is for those who want to distinguish between the truth of Islam and what some people think of it.

First: Theme:

This site has been created after sorrowful events in the West trying to deform the picture of Islam and prophet Muhamad (PBUH), so that it can present the right information about our religion, Quran, and prophet. Coordination and cooperation were essential to show the truth and clarify it, hence we started.

Second: Objectives:

This site aims at presenting the true and accurate information for anyone wants to know Islam without going deeply into details. It discusses deeply the general issues, principles and basics of this religion so that the visitors can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, and between the abuses to Islam and the reality of Islam through:
- Identification of Allah the Exalted. (Through His Beautiful Names)
- Identification of the prophet (PBUH). (Through his biography and noble manners and the biography of his companions who were brought up and taught by him.)
- Identification of the noble Quran. (Through its scientific miracles)
- Identification of Islam. (Through the sound Islamic Ideology and manners, the status of individuals in Islam, status and role of women in Islam, and the political, economic, and social role of Islamic society.)

Third: Sources:

Lectures and articles of well-known scholars carefully selected to achieve the objectives of this site.

Fourth: Administration:

A group of scholars manage the site with the supervision of Dr. Muhamad. Rateb Nabulsi.

Fifth: Ambitions:

The managers of the site look forward to providing it continuously with more materials that serve its objectives. It will also be continuously developed technically to be in line with the latest techniques used in other websites, and it will be translated into other languages (English, French,…).




Dear visitors

Welcome to our website which addresses the basics of Islamic religion and belief in Allah and His messenger, for those who want to differentiate between the reality of Islam and what some people think about it.